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New Secret Room In The Mine!!!

Hey guys!!! The new room was released today, very cool right? Well here are ALL the new things that are happening 😀 !

You can get the hats just like I said at the Mine & you can also play a game with the hats.

You have to dig around the area were the sign is posted 😀 . I DO NOT know if this is the beginning to the octopus? It seams like this is more like about the octopus now!!! You can buy a Deep Sea Diver Suit for only 50 coins!

Also, you can get special pin from digging up the treasures!

So keep moving on with the rooms, and now you will find a new background!

So that’s all for this week’s update, But stay tuned for ANY sneak peeks!

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Reviewed By You!

Hey guys, this weeks Reviewed By You is about the Pizza!!! Mmmmmmm Yumm lol. Ok, so you know the recent earthquake in Haiti right? Club Penguin donated over $300,000 dollars to the USA Army and Navy for supplies using Coins for Change this past Christmas, Awesome Right!?! Well it’s very nice of CP to do that 😀 . So yeah, cool right? Well lets get back to CP now, now Club Penguin NEEDS workers for the new secret room! So how about you make some pizza for us workers! Plus you can earn around 1,000 coins every time you play Pizza tron 3,000! So start making pizza’s cause you never know what might be coming in the next catalog next week!

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Club Penguin Times Issue #223

Hey guys, another issue of CPT is right here!

Ahahhh!!! So I was right 😛 !!! It’s a new room that’s coming, not a new quest. The new room opens up tomorrow for you to work on, remember, the new room is coming in Feb. Maybe they will bring the yellow mining hats back to mine? I hope so!

Ok, so this is now what’s coming, an octopus?!? I think so, maybe something to do with quest #11?!? That would be cool right? Penguins say that there is a Golden Puffle or Orange Puffle in a secret chest in the ocean??? OH MY GOSH I MUST FIND IT 😛 , I don’t think there is but you never know!

Ok, there are the events, I can’t wait till the new stuff comes!!!

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Awesome New Mine Sneak Peak!

Update: Look at the ramp, now look at the arrow, now look at the top left hand corner, you see snow hanging down from a path, a new room!?

Hey guys, AWESOME new sneak peak of the mine in….. THE FUTURE! Hehe, the little crack in the wall that the rock rolls down to will be the waterfall in the back 😉 ! And this time it might have an outside connection! Look in the lower right hand corner, Looks like light right? Well, it is! I think Gary is DEFENITLY involved in this!

I know I can’t wait either but guess that’s life 😦 lol, Also this mine is going to be released in Feb. I asked CP so they told me when the expected date is 😉

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The New Better Igloo’s Jan-Feb 2010 Cheats!

Hey guys, some awesome new stuff is back here in CP!

Click on the center of the Stone Couch for the Portal Box!

Click on the second stone of the Stone Lamp for the HD TV!

Click on the bird on the Santa Hat Snowman for the Nutcracker

Click on the star of the Large Christmas Tree for the Christmas Lights!

Click on the bow in the middle of the Christmas Wreath for the Small Christmas Tree!

Click on the middle of the Modern Chair for the Coat Rack

Click on the piece of wood in the Large Aquarium for the Shoe Rack!

Click on the big table leg on the right of the Coffee Table for the Wood Stove!

Click on the snow tower for the Fireplace!

Click on the top of the Snow Wall Fortress for the Icicles!

Wow!!! Lots of cheats in this catalog, took me over 45 mins to write it all!

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New Blow Fish Pin Cheat

Hey guys, There’s a awesome new blow fish pin at the Iceberg

Cool pin right? I’ll post the catalog cheats soon!

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Reviewed by You!

Hey guys, the new Reviewed by You came out today, Lets see what Club Penguin said about it!
Club Penguins words down below

Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked what you thought the ultimate igloo furniture item would be. Yodalaheehoo said:

The ultimate furniture item would be a flying carpet!!!! When you walk over it, it would rise up and fly around your igloo! That would be so awesome!!!!!! And you could pick the color and pattern!!! Haha- A penguin can dream of flying in the own comfort of its home, can’t it? You rock Club Penguin! Waddle on!

Vinny60’s Words

Well, I think it would be cool if Club Penguin made a flying carpet! Wouldn’t you?!? I would 😉 !
So in other news, I was looking all over Club Penguin this morning to see what else is up, And the new hidden place in the Mine will be a room, not a game, It might be members only, So the more views we get on here, At 20,000, I plan for a party and a 1 month give away membership contest!!!

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