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#1 Penguin Band Tracking Guide And Tracker

The #1 Club Penguin Penguin Band Guide And Tracker 2009

6 Top Ways How To Find PB

#1 They are usually on populated servers like Abominable and Mammoth.

#2 They are a group of 4 penguins.

#3 They go in populated rooms like The Town and The Plaza.

#4 The will be usually playing or visiting places with stages for them to play on.

#5 They are usually on a sever for 15 minuets and then they move.

#6 A helpful tip, If you can’t click any of the penguin band members, Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and press Show Buddies, then press Show Online, And then scroll down till your find the band members name and press him!

Here’s What They Will Look Like (Background Picture On My Penguin And What All 4 Of Them Look Like!)

They give you an awesome background for free here’s what it looks like!

(Other pictures coming soon!)

#1 Penguin Band Tracker By Vinny60

Here’s The Tracker!

Server: N/A (Refresh)

Room: N/A (Refresh)

Online Status: Offline (Refresh)

Tracker Owned By Vinny60


2 Responses

  1. i wanna take ur background iam a great fan

  2. im happy you could meet us so on 2010 you join music jam

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